Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Melmo!

My youngest daughter Alyssa has been completely into Elmo or as she says Melmo. So we are going to celebrate by wearing read and reading some Elmo stories. We will play with some red play dough and make our own Elmos with red, white and orange construction paper that I have precut. I would have never imagined that this would have been a perfect afternoon for me. That I would be coming home from a busy day at work and having an evening filled with Elmo. I couldn't be happier but I do kind of find it funny. Finally we will end with some Elmopalooza! I know you're saying rock on and I'm sure Gillian, Alyssa and I will be dancing away and having a blast.
So Happy Birthday Elmo!!! Hope you all do some celebrating of your own too :)


Regina Bertrand said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My girls loved elmo. Bella's 2nd birthday I bought a cake pan shaped like elmo and made it myself. Woow, it was tuff but very pleased. By the way, love your blog and I nominated you for an award.

Happy Blogging-


MySweetThree said...

Oh, Kath!! You are too cute! I love how you're having Elmo-palooza!! too funny!! You should take pics of the construction paper Elmo...You should participate in Make Something Monday and post it then..I would love to know how to make it with my girls!
Love you so much...And How are things?
Call me anytime. I hope your week has started off well!
Love you!