Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fingerprints...I mean handprints on my heart

So I let Gillian decide whether she wanted to make her own Valentine's for the kids at daycare or go with the store bought ones. I always think homemade is better but store bought is easier. We decided to fingerpaint and make little hearts. Aren't they cute? She was having fun since fingerpainting is one of her favorite things to do and I thought she knew what my plan was. I turned around for a second to grab Alyssa who was getting into something and came back to quite a mess.She went from fingerprints to handprints :) and needed a bath! I didn't think to take pictures of her until after but if you could have seen her you would know I caught her red handed hehehe. Being messy is so much fun! There she is all cleaned up and ready for bed looking so sweet and not at all like she could have been a mess 20 minutes ago.


MySweetThree said...

Oh, Kath. She is just so cute! It breaks my heart that I can't see you, her, and Alyssa anytime I feel like it! (oh, and Jeff too, hee hee)

You should know better than to turn your back on fingerpaints!! lol!

Liza said...

I agree! Being messy is such fun. I remember when my daughter was that age, she loves finger painting and water color. I had to give her 3 to four baths a day, lol.

Your daughter is so cute!

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Lori of I'm no super Mom said...

Too funny! She is adorable!

* TONYA * said...

I can totally imagine what she would have looked like. The past 2 days my little girl has 'found' the blue paint and not only decorated the house each day with little handprints, but also herself. I really must remember to take pics one day too.

Finger painting on paper makes fabulous gift wrap.