Monday, February 9, 2009

Wii is that really me?

So my hubby brought home the Wii Fit for me last night and I was so excited because I have been asking for it forever. By the way he bought it for $89 at Walmart. So we were playing around with it and creating our Mii characters where you put in you height, weight, and some other info. Once it calculated all the numbers I appeared and I was huge and I was not so excited anymore! First it told me I was obese and had bad balance. All the weight on my Mii was around my belly. I looked like I was pregnant. I sure hope I carry my weight better in real life. I really can't believe that that Mii is supposed to be me.
Obviously I know I have work to do to get back my body after having two babies. I joined WW and that I have been making an effort to exercise and eat healthy. I do have to say that the games were actually fun and I could really see myself doing them regularly. My favorite was the hula hoop one. I do not like looking at that Mii...maybe that in itself will be motivating.


MySweetThree said...

kathy....You are so cute!

That Wii fit (is that spelled right?) looks like it would be fun..I have also read about people being hospitalized because they worked out too hard on it, so there must be something to it, right?
When will you find the time to do it? Would you do it in the morning before you get the kids up? After they go to sleep? Isn't there just not enough time in the day?
ok..Allison is crying about her crayons, gotta go...

penguinsandladybugs said...

We have a Wii Fit, too. It can be fun if you can get past the weighing thing and being told you are obese or whatever. I have never been more excited to be overweight! When I went from obese to overweight, I hooped and hollered!