Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Crying in Kindergarten

Gillian's teacher has been out since Christmas vacation and I thought things were going okay with the substitutes but all of a sudden I'm getting reports from school about uncontrollable crying. She's being really hard on herself if her work is not perfect. Her teacher is saying not just crying but temper tantrum fits and it's become a complete disruption of the class. I really don't know what to do. As a teacher myself I'm horrified and I've talked to her about it. She can't give me a good reason why. I know she's having a hard time because her teacher is out. They've had several different subs and she is not knowing what to expect when she walks in the door to school. It's not anyone persons fault but I feel bad and now we have to start taking away privileges. She can't continue like this and I've got to break this habit. She can't go to first grade throwing fits. They'll send her to the office I feel like she's been robbed of her kindergarten experience! She was so excited to go to school and now when I walk into school to get her I'm always worried about what I'm going to hear about how her day went. This final sub is here until the end of the year and the other teacher next door has been keeping an eye on her and has been in contact with me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this year ends well. But even with all this going on she leaves everyday with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. This photo was this morning :) This turned into more of a vent but I know she can do it! Now she just has to believe in herself.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Everything is new

This one of the things I love about spring is getting outside and that our swing set is new again. We don't have anything fancy in fact, it's pretty much identical to the one I had as a kid. I loved it as a child and so do my girls. After being cooped up for the winter they are having a blast and I am loving being able to be outside.
I'm also getting pretty excited to see those first buds sprouting. Yay spring!

Monday, March 1, 2010

My principal shaved her head

That's right! This is the amazing woman that I work for. She shaved her head this morning in front of her 600+ students to support one of the students at our school. He was diagnosed with cancer and had a tumor removed. He is going through radiation and will loose his hair. This entire year has been a struggle for him and his tickets were sold and money was raised. I still haven't heard the total yet but it was over $500 the last time I heard.

I feel inspired to work for such a giving woman. I would have liked to be up on that stage with her but I just am not willing to shave my head. She really is willing to do anything for her students.