Sunday, November 29, 2009

We had a wonderful long Thanksgiving weekend! On Saturday and Sunday my daughter woke up and was happy when she realized she had an extra day off and didn't have school. She explained that she loves school but loves spending days with the whole family even better...and here we are all together :)So my new mission is teaching myself how to sew. I have no skill at all!!! I wish I did and I keep trying but my projects are not going so well. I wanted to make pillowcase dresses for my nieces which everyone says are so easy, but they came out very boxy and not the correct size even after following a pattern. Now I'm on to trying to make them each a tote bag. They were often times listed under kids sewing projects. So wish me luck. I'll post pictures when there done. Unless I'm too embarrassed. If anyone has sewing ideas for beginners, I'd love to hear them. Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving too!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I would lose my head if....

Well you know the rest of that saying. I am wondering if anyone know some good tips to help me stop loosing my keys. Maybe I'm the only one but I feel like I am always looking for them. Today as I was leaving the gym I was sure that I locked them in the car. I embarassingly had to tell the receptionist and I proceeded to call AAA. Keep in mind that this did actually happen to me over the summer so I know that AAA can do this service. Then as I waiting I noticed that my coat was hanging on a hook and I didn't remember bringing it in. So quietly I put it on and realized that they were in the pocket. Slowly I left without saying anything to anyone and snuck into my car hoping nobody would see me drive away. How embarassing! Well thinking that I may not be the only one I googled How to stop loosing you keys and here's the tips I found.

1. Designate a place to keep your keys and NEVER put them anywhere else. I feel like this one is a no brainer. Why is it that I can't do this?

2. Repeat to yourself where you left your keys. So for my example at the gym, I should have been thinking coat pocket, coat pocket, coat pocket.

3. Keep a spare set just in case. Of course I don't have one.

4. Try a Carabiners Clip. This seems like it may be the first actual idea but I want to look for something cuter. I'll be doing that tonight, etsy maybe?
So these do seem like common sense but obviously I'm not doing them if I still can't ever find my keys.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Where have I been?

I really don't know where...I went back to work in late August so I can't blame it on that. My daughter did start school this year and that has been quite an adjustment but I don't think it's that either. I joined the gym for the first time about a month ago and I'm happy to say that I'm loving it and I've lost five pounds :) We've been fighting mini sicknesses like colds, flu and pink eye.
I think life has just taken a hold of me and I don't haven't had a minute free. So I would like to come back but it's hard to pick up where I left off. So I'll share one of our recent adventures to the Beardsley Zoo. Although we've been here before I was looking for something to do on one of my days off and it was a last minute not planned. Sometimes those are the best. No expectations just fun and as a bonus my dad was willing to join us. A wonderful day for everyone.

I've missed everyone dearly and even if I haven't been reading and commenting like I've wanted to...I've been thinking about you all xoxo. Can't wait to catch up on what I've missed.