Friday, February 6, 2009

Barrettes and my best friend

My daughter will not seem to keep anything in her hair but I think I may have found the barrette for her. I know you've seen these all around and some of my friends who are much fancier then me showed me how and now I can't seem to stop. How cute are these for Valentine's Day. These four are my latest creations. I can see that this could become something else I don't have time to do.

I have to send some love back to my best friend Kristin. I have to say at first I was a little embarrassed but then I started thinking about when the last time I saw her and that made me realize it's been way too long. We are holding each other's youngest daughters and look how tiny they are. My daughter Alyssa is now 19 months old. I know everyone has that friend that they just love and no matter what happens or where they are you know you can call that person and they are there for you. To talk or cry to or share wonderful news with. They are the first person you want to call to tell any kind of news. She was my first call when I found out I was pregnant...both times and the first person even though I was hysterical that I called when I lost my mom. Anyone who knows Kristin even just through her blog knows how great she is.
So my whole point is think about your best friend and all the times that they have been there for you. Think of all the wonderful memories that you have shared and still have to share. Call, email, or blog about how wonderful they are right now!


MySweetThree said...

Kath! You made me cry! But I have to tell you one thing.

I swear I see a bit of cleavage in that picture of me!!! hee hee!! A very tiny bit, but, I once had boobs, the joys of breastfeeding!

And can I tell you that I don't see any barettes or any link to the barettes? Should I be? I bet I should. Let's blame blogger. Here goes;

Look at that! Blogger's down again!

(that's me blaming blogger)

Oh, wow, it's late..I must go. Do you remember our snort laughs that happen when we get too giggly? I don't snort with anyone else.

Love you, Kath.

moxylyn said...

I agree, Kristen is great, and although I can't have her as a rl friend I'm glad she's my blog friend :)