Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Playing Together

I love when my girls play together. This may sound silly but I am finding that they are starting to be interested in doing things together and it's so cute. The other night they were in the bath and Gillian said with a big smile, "I'm having a fun time with Alyssa and she's playing with me!" They had little foam princesses and Alyssa was sticking them to the wall right along with her. I love those moments! Then the next day they were chasing eachother like monsters and roaring and tickling eachother. There were big hugs and kisses too. Then as we were cleaning up our Christmas decorations they turned one of the rubber maid containers into a boat and then a car and entertained eachother for a quite a while. Don't get me wrong still more often then not their attempts to play together end with Gillian yelling that Alyssa is putting my toy in her mouth, she just hit me, or Alyssa crying a pointing at Gillian accusingly but we are making progress. I always wanted a sister and I am starting to see the love and bond that I always wanted and it makes my heart happy.

1 comment:

MySweetThree said...

I loved our chat this morning.
I just love you soo much!
And those girls....awww...they just break my heart with their cuteness!! Hmm...is it "i" before "e"? "Thier" cuteness.. No, that isn't right..
what is that saying? "I" before "e" except after "C" should it be except after "Th" too?
I don't know. whatever. bleh.