Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My First Baby

So my husband is away and I find the house very quiet and I can't sleep. So I am spending a little quality time with Sonny. He is my dog and definitely my first baby. I find myself getting irritated with him very easily lately. It's either he's barking too loudly or another toy is destroyed or there is hair all over the house. It makes me feel a little bad. He used to get so much more attention before kids and now he gets left out or yelled at. I could not ask for a sweeter dog and I love him and so do my girls. Sometimes they love him too much. They climb on him and hug him. They want to feed him while he waits patiently with a little drool coming out of him mouth. Although he can still be a pain, I just wanted to take a minute to put him in the spotlight. He is the best dog I could ever ask for. I know anyone with a pet would understand how they become part of the family. Come on...how can you resist that sweet face?


MySweetThree said...

Sonny is adorable.. And Yes, Kath, He does deserve his time in the spotlight, so I am glad you are giving it to him!! =)

I totally relate to how you feel about him at times, as Bailey did drive me up a wall a bit...But I loved him more than he annoyed me. And I Love him still...that sweet poodle.
And where is Jeff?

MySweetThree said...

Another thing.


You are JUMPING into Blogging, my friend, I did not have ENTRECARD for months and months...and you...right off the bat! YOU GO! I LOOOOOOVE IT!!

I know, I know...ENOUGH with the CAPS!
Good night!

yeokeehui@gmail.com said...

Wow! nice post. I just love it.

MySweetThree said...

you are so funny about entrecard...call me when you have time this week, we will sit down together and I will take you through it. =)