Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hi again!

I'm back!  This is going to be one of my resolutions for the year.  I loved having a online photo journal for myself of all the memories from the year and looking back at the fun things that my girls and I had done.  I was also missing all my blogging friends.  Hopefully some of you are still here and are willing to take me back.  I thought I'd start by sharing one of our attempts at a Christmas card.  I promise we eventually got a better one but it's really hard to get two kids and a dog to get a decent picture.  I have to be honest, Sonny (my dog) was probably the most uncooperative one in this photo shoot.  He is still cute though even with his tongue out.   
 Also for big news my baby brother graduated from the police academy in NJ.  We all went to go support him at his graduation and apparently we all wore our green coats.  I'm so proud of him and now he goes on to become a game warden.
My middle brother is newly engaged and we will be celebrating that wedding on July 3rd.  It's sure to be a beautiful day that I am very much looking forward to and so are my girls.  They will be flower girls.

And for those who are predicting along with the Mayan  I just saw a good one...People are making Apocalypse jokes like there's no tomorrow.


Heliotrope Tree House said...

Hiii! I was just wondering how you were doing. It must be the season to start blogging again. My last post was in September and before that...I don't know how long it's been! Life happens and before you know it...we're off the bloggy-universe! Glad to hear from you and that you are back. The girls got so big! Have a happy holiday. Love, Cyndy

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Hi sweetie missed ya! But you're crazy busy! I so agree about a photo journal :).

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and can't wait to see more this coming year :)

Michelle Santoro said...

Yay! Love the Christmas card picture...Sonny and the girls are so cute! Unfortunately my eyes are mostly closed in the graduation picture AUGH

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

where will the wedding be?
I can't believe how tall he is! I haven't seen a picture of him along side you since your wedding, so imagine how much he looks like he has grown to me!! omg!

This is such a sweet picture!!