Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer has officially begun

It was my first day off and I wasted no time getting to the beach. We met some friends and played all morning and had some snacks then headed home for lunch. It was a little cloudy but no rain and I'm so glad we did. This is what summer is all about for me...the beach. Alyssa hard at work.

I love this picture, it shows the pure joy of jumping and playing in the water with friends.

A simply wonderful day that made me happy.


Brittany Ann said...

That second picture is awesome! It so captures the beauty of children and the beach!

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

Aw, Kath!! Love the pictures!!! Yay for the Beach!! :)

Michelle said...

I love the beach too. If I could I'd spend every waking moment there. I find so much peace in the scenery and the sounds. Hopefully we'll be able to hit the beach this weekend sometime. Looks like the kids had a blast. Thanks so much for your awesome comment. You're a sweetie!


Kari said...

LOVE the beach!!! It's what summer is all about!