Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our favorite three and some stress relief

How do all you ladies do it? Lately I've been feeling stressed and pulled in so many different directions. I've been finding that reading some of our familar favorite stories is a great way to help me and the girls unwind. Of course after they're asleep my mind starts racing again. But I thought I'd share our top three bedtime or really anytime stories. We can't seem to get enough of these stories. Click on them to check them out at amazon.com I'd love to hear about your kids or your favorite children's stories too.
Now on with the complaining. So this next part is a vent pure and simple. I feel like if I get it out of my head maybe I can destress...a little?
My husband is after me that the house is not clean enough and why didn't I have time to do this or that?

My dad wants me to help him figure out how to help my thirty year old brother who still lives at home and is working as a waiter.

I also need to figure out how we can afford to send my daughter to private school because it the same cost as public school, which is only half day, when I have to pay for before and after school care.

I feel like I'm not giving enough to my students that they are always the one's I run out on and that I need to be putting in more effort.
I'm on too many committees and I tired of hearing everyone complain (to the principal) and then we all need to meet and discuss even more than we already do.

The one thing I do know is that being with my girls make me so happy. When I pick them up at daycare they smile and run over. Then we head home for a craft or a little playing outside before dinner. Then after a bath nothing beats snuggling in bed and reading a few books.


Funnyrunner said...

Oh my goodness, girlfriend! First of all, I could NEVER EVER EVER be a 2nd grade teacher. God bless you and all the other grade school teachers out there... I would go out of my mind. When my own kids were those ages it was the most difficult stage of my life. I don't know you at all, but your wonderful husband needs a wake up call about how hard it is to have two kids your kids' ages, let alone work full time simultaneously!! Hellooooo? I'm trying to suppress some more acerbic comments I have on those thoughts? Third, how is your brother your responsibility, exactly? I missed something there. Fourth... I completely understand feeling as if you can't give enough to your job. My advice is get over it. You're a working mother and you MUST get over the type A/perfectionist MUST do everything perfectly. You'll end up in the nut house. Fifth (and final, you'll be happy to hear! :) - start saying no to some of the things asked of you (committees, ahem). You are human. Stick up for yourself, make time for you... JUST YOU... and revive your sanity. In the end, if Mommy's not happy, no one's happy. Sorry to sound so bitchy (?)... but I've been there ( a LOT of us have).

Hang in there! (and bedtime stories are the BEST!!! My boys, now 13 and 10 1/2, to whom I read just about every night, now read themselves to sleep... I love it!)

Anonymous said...

You should check out Storybox. They are great for kids aged 3-6 and have a great SamSam activity area for kids!

Brittany Ann said...

Oh my! First off, you are not alone! I totally relate and was having a similar venting session on the phone just a minute ago!

Your husband and dad will forgive you if you hold off on getting their needs met right away (and if they don't, calmly remind them of the stress you're under! We all know men don't take on what we take on! Which is a whole different ball of wax...)

And you're a great teacher and mommy combined. I've found, with kids, just showing up is half of the battle. That's what they need, a teacher who shows up. And you do that. They love you regardless, and it's the end of the year, so they're in their routine and work work working and they'll be fine! You know what you're doing, and while the stress probably means you've got other things on your mind, I can guarantee you those kids are learning all around you, every day, and that's because of you, their wonderful teacher!

And you're a great mommy. You spend quality time with your kids, and hands down, that is the THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO DO. If you do that, your day was successful. Trust me. The cranky husband, principal, committee members, second-graders' parents, brother, all of them...they are adults. They can deal, and they can move on. Your kids need you, and you understand that and love them and give them what they need. When they are older, that's what they'll remember. They will remember you reading with them and loving them and spendint time with them, while everyone else (who's an adult, or a kid with parents of their own and lots of teachers who will follow after you), will have moved on. They won't remember your missed committee meeting, or the week of a not-so-spotless house. But your kids will remember how much fun they had with you (and they're high-school teachers will notice this, because these are the most well-adjusted, educate-able teenagers out there, too. We praise God for mom's like you every day!)

And just remember, you're not alone. I'm right there with you (and I am definitely not the only one), and even those other teachers/wives/daughters out there who look like they've got it together and are doing it all....it's a lie. They are fake fake faking it! They are just like the rest of us.

You're a great mom, a great friend, and a great teacher! You deserve some leeway and a break, and anyone who won't give you that, well, tell them to go jump in a creek. And then take your girls and go have some fun!

Jenni Jiggety said...

I hear ya...I do! It is tiring teaching all day and then coming home and doing all the home things that need to be done!

How many days until summer vacation??? :-D

Lana said...

Awe. I love it when I get the "YAY! mommy's here!" excitement to.
Snuggles and stories just go hand in hand, don't they? :)

Kari said...

I couldn't agree more - being with my girls makes me so happy.

And Llama llama, red pajama is one of our very favorites!

Brimful Curiosities said...

Don't sweat the small stuff and spend time with your kids. You can't go wrong. Kudos to you for being a teacher. Next to being a mother, that is one of the most underappreciated occupations.

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

First of all! I hope you feel supported in bloggy land...LOOK at all these awesome comments!
Second of all..I wish I had known this, I would have just dove into talking about this today..and then, I don't know what happened..but I didn't get a call back from you? We were at the park, I was looking at my phone every 5 minutes, No Kathy! I figured you and the girls were playing.. Meanwhile, I was knee deep in the sandbox..literally, Allison was burying me..

Storytime is always a sweet time in our house too..It makes me happy to hear how good it does to your heart! :)

For Myself said...

Somtimes I feel like a rubber band being streeeetched so far every whhich way. Then I remember that I'm fuller for it - more flexible, richer (in more ways than one!) and fulfilled. You'll get through this rough patch. Keep your eyes on the prize: JUNE!

Lori of I'm no super Mom said...

Girl I know what you mean and I have been there! Lots of prayer usually works!