Sunday, December 28, 2008

Post Holiday Quiet

It has been a crazy few days with lots of visiting, presents and excitement. It was wonderful and it can be a magical time especially watching my girls get into the spirit of the holiday. It was funny to see as we all came down the stairs for the first time at Christmas that my dog Sonny ran to his presents and couldn't wait. Before the kids even opened one he had ripped open all of his. I guess this shows that everyone loves Christmas. My girls got in on it shortly after.

I love the holidays and being able to spend time with my extended family but it has been so nice to have a little quiet too. Things can get so chaotic at this time of was nice to have a simple weekend on our own after running around on Christmas Eve and then having our own guests. Gillian did finally agree to let me get her haircut. I know you're wondering...let? isn't she four. I like it short and she likes it long but I think it's starting to grow on her. Maybe that's the wrong choice of words since it is a haircut but I love it!


Regina Bertrand said...

Little girls are so special!! :) I have 2 girls myself and love every minute of it. Lots of pink and flowers. It too amazes me how they grow and learn everyday. Enjoy these moments when they are little. It does go by so fast!
Happy New Year-

cyndyava said...

Hello there,
I just wanted to come say hi and to thank you for stopping by my blog, and your kind words about our loss. Thank you so very much. Your girls are adorable. I'm glad I'm not the only mommy with the hair accessory issue! Your daughters are just beautiful. I like shorter hair, too! It's so pixie-ish and cute!

Mandi said...

Hey Kathy! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I didn't want you to have to go searching back through old posts to see if I replied, so I figured I'd just reply here!

Although my rag dolls turned out far from perfect, they were definitely a great beginner project and one that's gotten me excited about sewing more in general as well!

I'd love to see how yours turn out if you go for it!

Anonymous said...

YEAH YEAH YEEEEAAAAHH!!! picture me jumping up and down!!! I LOVE LOOOOVE LOOOOOOOOVE that you are actually a blogger now...ha ha, you are!! I LOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!! And I love what you did with your blog...seriously, Kath...Get outta here with your bad self!! It took me months to get one that looks halfway decent...and you, are just a pro already...Did you sign up with Entrecard yet? I will have to is where you put this doo-hickey thing on your blog..and you do this entrecard-dropping is a way people find your blog, other than just leaving comments..Clearly, I don't explain things well!

And it look like it was a nice Christmas...I love the pictures of the girls...they are so beautiful, just like their mama.

Let's talk soon on the phone...okay?
Love you always....

MySweetThree said...

I want another post.