Sunday, December 11, 2011

A real tree and pinterest

After much debate we decided to get a real tree this year.  The plan was that we were actually going go and cut it but that never actually happened.  We were all feeling a little sick this weekend so a fresh tree that was precut was the best we could do.  Although a fake tree is not as messy I missed the smell when I walk in the house.  It smells like Christmas in my house this year.

Also are you on Pinterest?  If you're not then you should.  Just leave your email below and I'll send you an invite.  I have been obsessed inspired lately.  So many great ideas!  My latest finds have been homemade gifts for teachers at school and church, daycare providers, Secret Santa and whoever else is on your list.  Here's just a few of my favorites that I'll be making.  Go get inspired!

Holiday pretzels


Llama said...

Congrats on the real tree! The smell is the BEST part!
How fun!

PINTEREST! I've been trying to get them to send me and invite! Could you help me access this secret world to magical fun? LOL
Here is my email:

p.s. love the reindeer food!

Alexis Peloquin said...

I love a real tree smell but I must admit I'm a fake prelit tree convert many years ago ... lol.

I'm on there :) I tried to find you, I must be a dork.


Michelle said...

My hubby wouldn't give in on the real tree this year. It made me so sad!

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

I haven't been on Pinterest in a while.. nor much on the blogs.. so I am horrified that you have since posted 2 times and I haven't been here yet to comment! Boo Me!

We went to the Christmas Tree farm of Lowe's (lol) and got a 10 foot tall tree.. it was hard to get home and is a monster.. but it is growing on me!