Monday, August 1, 2011

Puppies and parties

I was at the vet's office this morning picking up medication for my dog. As I waited a lady walked in with her dog and the receptionist greeted her with, "Do you have an appointment?" The woman answered with yes, our last one ever. I wasn't expecting that and I felt my eyes starting to water. I tried to pretend like I was looking for something in my purse. As I left I couldn't shake the sad feeling so I let it out and cried for half my ride home. I know this may seem so silly but a few weeks earlier we had a scare with our own dog Sonny. He is fine and we just had to make adjustments to his medication. He's to hoping for many more years with my sweet boy and I just wish that I could have said something to comfort that woman. Some people may think it was just a dog but any pet owner knows that they become so much more.
On a happier note we've celebrated my daughters birthday at the zoo and it was a fantastic time!!! I love all the personalities in these pictures and the real friendships that she is starting to make now that she's in school. Not just tagging along with friends of mine who conveniently have kids. I have actually met some wonderful women who I am proud to call my friends through her. I love it!!!


Mary Aalgaard said...

Oh, now I'm crying. It brings back memories of when I had to put my cat Matilda down. She had cancer and I know she was suffering. It was the saddest day ever.
Happy Birthday to your girl. The zoo looks like fun.

Kim said...

WE lost our dog a few months before Deaglan was born and I cried for weeks. Even after a few years, I couldn't drive down the streets we walked every day. They are family, aren't they?

What a great post about friendships. I'm looking forward to the time when Deaglan will have some real friends. You put it so right - friends who conveniently have kids. Awesome Zoo party!!

Brittany Ann said...

When we put our first dog down, I bawled for days. Those pups are really part of the family.

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

Happy and sadness all in one post.

Losing them is so terrible.. I hope Sonny has many more years left..

That party looks fun! I wish I was there! : ( LOVE YOU!

Llama said...

Oh myyyyy! I totally would have been in tears too! So happy to hear that Sonny is doing well. Pets truly are a part of the family!