Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Old friends are the best kind of friends

There's something about an old friend. Someone that knows all your secrets and really knows where you came from. No matter how much time passes you never feel awkward and you just start up right where you left off. They make you laugh till you cry thinking about memories and things that happened, mostly good but even the bad doesn't seem so bad anymore. So say what you will about facebook and even though I don't love everything about it. I do love that reconnected me to a good friend that I have really missed. I'm loving that our girls are getting along so well and developing their own little friendship through days at the zoo, playdates at the house and next up the children's museum. It makes me happy! Sorry the picture is a little washed out but aren't they cute.

Also I know it's only July but I feel my summer slipping away. Being a teacher I am so lucky to have my summers off but I work for it during the school year. I really think teachers need the summer to recooperate and be ready for another class. I've been enjoying summer by trying to make a dent in my book list~I've read The Help, Room and now I'm starting Firefly Road. Any other suggestions.


Kim said...

I completely agree with you about FB. I too used to think it was dumb until I became reconnected with some of my real old friends. How wonderful that you and your friend are sharing some time with your kids.

I'm reading The Secret Daughter. It's a good one. I connect to it because it is set in India and California and it is about adoption etc.

My F-I-L who is a retired teacher always said teaching was such a hard job. You got older but the kids stayed the same. I agree that you need the time to rejuvenate. It's important for the kids you're teaching too.

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Mary Aalgaard said...

Yes. Adorable. I read The Help and loved it! Enjoy these summer days.