Monday, May 18, 2009

My Brother and Bears

So I've missed all my blogging friends but I'd been in a little funk and I tried blogging but just everything I was typing was so negative and I didn't want to feed my funk. So I'm back and in a better mood...well at least today. How cute...right? Well my brother has joined the Maine DEP Black Bear Trapping crew and will be following, tagging, measuring, and monitoring the Black Bears. Here's a little background, my brother and I are 12 years apart. I remember vividly when my mom told me that she was pregnant thinking...I'm sorry what did you just say. I helped a lot in caring for him and I still look out for him know even though he towers over me. We have grown very close now and I really think he is an amazing person. I know I am the one he calls when he needs someone to listen or for advice. He just finshed his junior year in college and can now legally drink. It just seems crazy to me and he'll always be my baby brother.A huge difference between my brother and I is that he loves the outdoors. I enjoy being outside
just not for extended periods of time. Before he left for Maine he took Gillian fishing and she just thought that was the coolest and so was he uncle. I love that they have that relationship and he is so great with her. As you can see in the picture his relationship with Alyssa still needs a little work. Really she's just in that mama, mama, mama phase and I'm all she wants. I'm so glad he got this opportunity but I'm miss him until he comes back in July. I did ask he what they do to stay safe and he assured me that Black Bears do not usually attack people. But I was not he said that they also have shot guns.


Kim said...

I know how you feel about getting in that funk. I just sort of felt blah all weekend long and so stayed away from writing a post. But I'm glad you came back to it. 12 years does seem like a big gap but now it's probably so much fun to talk about your completely different lives. He's a real cutie too!

Brittany Ann said...

I was having a similar negative funk. I wish I'd had the common sense to keep my mouth shut. Oh well. I think we're all experience the end-of-the-year blahs. But hang in there! We're almost through

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

So he said they also have shot guns! LOL, Kath!
I got your message yesterday, thank you for calling, my brother and his family were here, so I didn't get a chance to call you back. I haven't been on the computer much either, but I have felt your absence, whenever I get on, I go see if you did a new post yet. Nada. Nothing. :(

I know you are at work right now.. well, actually, you are an hour ahead, huh. I will call you back in a few minutes.. hope we can talk! Love you!

Michelle said...

Wow, what an amazing opportunity for your brother. That's something that I would find fascinating. What a beautiful post about your brother. I have a brother too that will be turning 22. We are 18 years apart. I remember graduating from high school the year he was born. Gosh, that was a long time ago. LOL! Thanks for the sweet comment regarding my little one. You're awesome. I really appreciate it.


Jenni Jiggety said...

What a cool job to get to do! I love Maine! We used to go there for a week every summer when i was a kid!

Funnyrunner said...

I've been in a funk, too. I know what you mean. I hope you feel better!

Inspiration By Karen said...

Hi kathy! You left some nice comments on my blog, I have to say that I really enjoyed reading this post, my son is into the outdoors like your brother only doing photography, and Grizzly Bears are one of the many large animals that he photographs! SO I can understand your worry!! Your brother might enjoy his web site, all of his amazing pictures can be found at this address he has pictures of Maine, Montana, Wyoming and the Adirondacks here in NY too! As far as thelow mood you have been in, I am doing this amazing nutritional program that has not only helped tremendously with my mood, but has given me back my health! My email is if you would like to find out what I am doing and the story behind it!
Karen Clothier