Monday, March 28, 2011

Girly Moments

I love having two girls. I'm sure if I had two boys or one of each I'd be saying the same thing too. I have so much fun with them and life is good. This weekend was a quiet one which I love since during the week can be so hectic for us. I was made to be a girl mommy. Here's a few of my favorite girly and some not so girly moments recently. I love that they call each other sissy. I always try to do their hair but the fight me everytime and usually win. We have contests playing Just Dance on wii. They are developing their own styles and picking out their own clothes~Gillian is sparkles and glitter but comfy. ~Alyssa loves dresses and to accessorize. I have such fun doing Zumba with them. Their fashion shows and tea parties make me smile. They still love going on these silly rides together.